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This site has just been created to show the reality and levels of animal cruelty in the Asian and Pacific regions. Most images depict animal cruelty in China where the dog (and cat) meat and fur trade flourish, as does the bear fur and bile trade, brutal culling, irresponsible zoos, and cruelty in the name of entertainment. Other such images may be from Vietnam, Korea, Indonesia, and Malaysia etc. Dog meat is outlawed in some Asian regions, but it seems that only Taiwan is making an effort, and setting an example, by enforcing such law to stamp it out.
However, stray dogs there suffer in awful conditions and states of health due to their large numbers and lack of resources. Some images in the site are from the Philippines where the dog meat trade is outlawed also, but the Filipino authorities allow it to go on openly and culprits go unpunished - including restaurant owners who serve dog meat.

A Fact... did you know that there are no laws against animal cruelty in China? - only some for endangered species. So, in China you can do whatever you want to, say, a dog and cat, and there will be absolutely no penalty under the law there. Certain pictures in the site more than demonstrate that fact!
Below are examples of some of the horrific animal treatment and suffering that is common to Asia and the Philippines, with many of the 'activities' being quite legal:
Rabbits skinned alive for their fur. They are then sprayed with water to prevent them dying of dehydration so that their 'meat' can be kept as fresh as possible - before they are subsequently sold and slaughtered for the table

Hanging dogs by their neck and beating them to death with poles. It is believed by those who trade in and consume dog meat that the more pain the animal feels before death then the better the meat!

Skinning dogs, cats and racoons for their fur whilst still alive. To make the job easier the animals are either hit on the head or are bashed to the ground to stun them. Often, animals will not be unconscious whilst being skinned, or may 'come-round’ while being skinned, or after being skinned. The result after this obscenity is a kin to a creature out of a horror movie. Skinned animals who writhe in agony are not shown an ounce of kindness, pity, decency, or humanity (see video of a China fur farm).

Burning the fur off dogs with gas torches whilst the wretched animals are still alive, as the next in line are left to watch in cages
Keeping and transporting animals for the fur/meat trade in filthy cramped cages where they are crushed together and can hardly move - some die in the cages before the horror (a blesssing?)
Stray dogs being culled due to rabies outbreaks are cornered in streets and stations etc and beaten to death with poles - casually - a real crowd-puller!
Dogs being set on fire whilst still alive (animal testing programme)

Dogs and cats being brutally slaughtered and disemboweled for the table - all performed in front of the other dogs in cages who are next to suffer the fate

Bears 'farmed' in cramped cages for their bile - believed to be of medicinal value. Bears can hardly move in the cages, which do not even have simple bedding. Tubes to drip their bile and pushed into open wounds which often become infected. No anesthetic is given for the procedure
Dogs having their front legs dislocated and tied behind their back - an unnatural position for a dog and excruciatingly painful. To prevent them biting, tin cans are pushed over their muzzles, or their muzzles are bound extremely tight with rope

Forced horse fighting and dog fighting, and the spectacle of live animals, eg. goat and calf, being fed to large cats in Chinese zoos - for entertainment

It doesn't end there.... but I think the point’s been made....
Most image content of this site is sourced from other similar websites, and I wish to thank those website owners for highlighting the animal suffering to me. If I have inadvertently infringed any copyright then please accept my apology, and if the owner of the materials concerned would get in touch via my guest book I will remove their content immediately.

The pictures and descriptions will hopefully move you (as they did me) into action to write to the applicable embassies to tell them of your disgust, and to stop buying products of those countries. Also, write to supermarket chains informing them of your intention.
You can even boycott Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants etc in the UK and elsewhere ,to never holiday in those regions, write to your MP, Euro MP, UK Foreign Secretary, and even the United Nations. For such purposes I have included some contact details in the site (Who to Write to).

On a final note, it must be recognised that animals everywhere in the world are abused, including in the UK – we are not ‘innocent’ by any means. For example, the 'sport' of hunting with dogs may come back under the lib-con coalition.
Disgusting atrocities are inflicted on 'test' animals all over the globe. Bull fighting in Spain is barbaric, as is dog fighting in Afghanistan and Russia. Even ‘legalised’ Bovine TB badger culling in the UK is identified as being cruel when newly born badger cubs are left to starve to death underground when their mothers are shot above ground.

This site therefore does not 'go out' to depict the Asian and Pacific regions as the only ones inflicting cruelty, but these regions, without any doubt in my opinion, do provide one of best (worst) examples of heart-breaking animal sufferring that you can get.
Also, in most 'civilised' countries laws and action against cruelty are maintained and fought for, but in some Asian countries animals have few or no rights under the law whatsoever. People there are free to, without pity or compassion, inflict the most terrible pain and suffering imaginable. Animals whose meat is destined for the table are seen, and treated,as nothing more than vegetables.
Even worse, many of the actions that inflict awful suffering are implemented by the authorities themsleves, eg. burying piglets alive en masse in Korea, and beating dogs to death with poles, in streets and other public places, in China.
I personally have written to the London-based embassies of China, Vietnam, Korea, Tiawan and the Philippines. Also, Indonesia where dog meat is popular amongst the mixed races there, primarily, the chinese.
My letters were polite and enquired if something could be done to prevent the cruelty that goes on in their respective countries.
Shamefully, I only received one letter of reply. That was from the Tiawan embassy - whose country does seem to have a genuine care and reverse trend policy toward animal cruelty.
The silence from the other embassies signifies very well their attitude and indifference toward animal suffering in their countries. I wrote also to the UK Foreign Secretary William Hague, suggesting that we should not be trading with such countries due to their outrageous treatment of animals.
Even more disturbing is the fact that he nor his (my) government failed to respond to, or even acknowledge, my letter. This, I'm afraid, spells it out for animal rights in the UK - bring back hunting with dogs?

In the 21st century the horrific and barbaric cruelty and suffering shown in this site MUST be seen as totally UNACCEPTABLE by all people of all ‘civilisations’