An Image of Obscenity
(Photograph and article reproduced courtesy of the 'Sirius' Website - see Links page)
This photograph was taken at Lo Wu market, on the border between Shienzhen and the Hong Kong New Territories. Whether the merchant had a buyer for the skin first, whether he wanted to sell the living animal and fur separately for a better price, or perhaps he wanted to "tenderise" the meat through pain, we do not know.  For whatever reason, he skinned this wretched rabbit alive and then displayed it for sale WHILST STILL ALIVE.  It is impossible to imagine the torment this poor animal must have suffered.

In enclosing this image our correspondent wrote... 
"These rabbits were kept alive for buyers. 
In order to stop them de-hydrating, the vendor sprayed them with water at intervals. This sort of thing really makes me worried for dogs and cats, because one is frightened that these people genuinely have no sympathy.  They are not necessarily sadists, although I am sure many are, but just do not regard animals as being different in
any way to vegetables."